Dimensions: 55M x 48M
Knee Height: 8.7M
Length: 8M Yard Cover

  • Integrated Structural Steel and Futura Box-Beam System in one of New Zealand’s Lee Wind Zones (High Wind Zone)
  • Full Bird Proof Purlin Roof Structure
  • Attached Office

This 55M x 48M Clearspan building was constructed with ease of use in mind.
With an 8M yard covering and 7 roller doors, the users of the building have a smart looking, open space in witch they can maximise manufacturing outputs.
The bird proof feature that the Futura Box-beam provides means that the roof structure stay clean and smart looking, there is no need for worrying about Utemasters product being soiled on.
This is a superb example of how the Futura Box-Beam system can revolutionise the aesthetics and practicality of your building, all while providing cost savings.

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