The Futura Factory


Height: 8400mm at the knee
Length: 79490mm
Depth: 25450mm

  • Gantry crane rated 6.5T
  • Integrated Futura Box-Beam System and structural steel
  • 18m horizontal bi-fold door
  • Bird perch proof
  • Custom manufactured plate connections

This 25m clearspan building was custom designed to showcase the clean-lines of the Futura Box-beams. Structural Steel columns where used to suit the 6.5ton Gantry. The flush mounted Futura box-beam purlins enables a zero-bird perch roof structure which is a high-demand feature of the 6m canti-levered canopy. NZ Steel provided the Dridex cladding removing the need for roofing paper. The electrical wiring was run through the Futura box-beam structure.