Mitre 10 Frame & Truss Plant


Dimensions: 28M x 56M
Knee Height: 6M

  • Full Futura Box-Beam Structure
  • Bird Proof Purlins
  • 4M Roof Overhang
  • 8 Roller Doors
  • 2 Story Internal Office

This project is a prime example of how the flexible team here at Futura can work around your every need and provide you with exactly what you require.
This manufacturer of timber framing need a spacious building with plenty of entrance points in order to make the production of their product more efficient.
We achieved this by incorporating 8 roller doors into the design, also added was a 4M roof overhang for dry loading and unloading of transport vehicles.
The multi story offices were also incorporated into the design, making this structure the ideal solution for our client.
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